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Product Specifications

: Crochet
: 175 meters / ball
: Plain and Multicolor
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Cannon is a mercerized finish crochet thread made of 100% high quality pure cotton. It has superior handle, lustre and appearance for perfect crochet effect.

Cannon offers a selection of popular vibrant solid colors, ombre and multicolored shades.

Cannon Premium 3 Ply Sewing Thread


Cannon is 3-ply sewing thread is made from 100% staple spun polyester. Cannon is 3-ply is an all purpose sewing thread for use on medium-weight fabrics. It provide excellent sewing performance and seam stability assuring you of superior seam strength in every garment.



LOVE KNOTS is a reputable and high quality brand of hand knitting and crochet yarn made from 100% high bulk acrylic fiber which offers versatility for various forms of crafts.

LOVE KNOTS is ideal for crochet where close interlocking loops or chain stitches are required and is also a popular brand for hand knitting, providing an appealing texture across a comprehensive color range.

LOVE KNOTS is the ideal acrylic yarn for general needlecrafts and school projects such as pom-poms, punch embroidery, long and short stitches, needlepoint, canvas work, rug making, pillow embroidery, tote bags, and boutique items due to its construction and color range.

LOVE KNOTS offers 85 carefully selected colours to meet current color trends. Bright, pastel and earth colours are available in packs of 10 x 15 gram balls and 3 x 50 gram balls.

Our shade range includes 20 exciting Multicolour Shades which add a new dimension to needlecrafts with LOVE KNOTS vivid quality at your fingertips.



Dandy is a top quality 100% staple spun polyester sewing thread available across a variety of lengths. Fault levels are minimized, with a higher strength factor for a trouble-free sewing performance



Flag is an all purpose 100% staple spun polyester sewing thread for everyday usage on medium weight fabric. Flag represents the economical end of the Manila Bay Thread Corporation sewing thread options.

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